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Empower Commercial, Brand and Access Teams

Reveal market opportunities using our data assets and expertise.

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Navigate the complexities of health care

Optum is an experienced guide when it comes to navigating the complexities of the health care system. We engage with it daily. Our consultants analyze and understand market trends, work with the same data used by providers and payers, and capture patient experiences.

Leverage powerful analytics and robust data

We have the largest single commercial claims asset, the most robust electronic health record (EHR) data set and the industry's leading integrated data. Our patient journey analytics give you valuable insight into patients' health care engagement and outcomes.

Maximize the potential for collaboration

Our multi-disciplinary team uses our vast data sources to develop cohesive, actionable analytics solutions. The ability to call upon the vast resources of Optum assists you in making better commercial decisions.

Drive market success with actionable insights

Understanding the key drivers around prescribing and use will help you derive greater commercialization impact throughout your product’s lifecycle. Such insights help validate and optimize strategy effectiveness, market opportunities and targeted messaging.

Lean on our health care system knowledge

At Optum, we serve the whole system. Our extensive network includes consumers, payers and providers. Together with partners across the health system, we provide the tools for better decision-making and better outcomes.

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Clinformatics for Managed Markets

Optum® Clinformatics® for Managed Markets provides a longitudinal database of eligibility, medical claims and prescription claims data.

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Chart market shifts with data and AI

Optum expertise provides competitive insights.