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Design, Pilot and Scale Engagement Programs

Take advantage of our connections to all parts of the health system.

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Harness the power of the Optum enterprise

Introducing new interventions in today's complex commercial market is risky. At Optum®, our programs and connections to all parts of the health care system allow you to test your new offerings in the real-world environment before expanding them to full scale.

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Cross-Optum Programs

Bringing new products to market requires research and insight. Through Cross-Optum® programs, we design and oversee programs between life sciences companies, payers, providers and patients to improve quality of care, and improve patient and provider satisfaction. 

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Lowering cardiovascular disease risk

An innovative program involving patient awareness and provider outreach helps improve patient use of lipid-lowering therapies.

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Engage our network to deliver your programs

We design and facilitate programs between life sciences companies, payers, providers and patients to bring interventions on your behalf to address care gaps and improve quality of care. We aim to improve patient and provider satisfaction with scale and speed.

Design, pilot and scale programs

When creating a Cross-Optum program with you, we use tested and validated data to give you actionable insight into real-world evidence. And instead of just focusing on one portion of the program, we link you to the entire enterprise to administer the program.

Activate, integrate and assess confidently

Cross-Optum network activation offers a wealth of guidance from multiple payers. Integration-generated data measures how well your program performs in our payer network before expanding it to others. Program assessment tells how quickly you can scale to national levels.

Change clinical care

Cross-Optum Programs deliver impact in real time, with industry expertise and to scale. Our data sources identify the right population for engagement. We monitor the program for adjustments with final analysis providing insight into how the intervention performed.

Learn how we can help solve your challenges.