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Digital Research Network for Providers

Bring patient care and clinical research closer together to improve efficiency and patient outcomes.

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Reduce trial burden

Participation in clinical research is an important part of the patient health-focused mission of providers. 

However, many provider organizations face challenges conducting clinical research due to the disruption trial participation causes in clinical practice and failure to enroll enough patients to support a trial.

The Optum® Digital Research Network minimizes these disruptions by combining data and technology to ease the burden of trial disruption and find eligible patients.

Features and benefits



Save time executing trials

Gain access to clinical research tools and technology that help relieve the burden of manual trial processes, allowing for accelerated patient enrollment and efficient data management.


Improve patient care

Integrate care delivery and provide research as a care option so patients can participate in trials from their usual medical practice setting and have access to cutting-edge investigational treatment.


Potential to maximize revenue

Increase research opportunities through access to industry-sponsored (pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device) clinical research.